Case Study: Proper Rate, a Virtual Customer Appreciation Event 

Scenario: Proper Rate is a leader in Chicago residents’ real estate mortgages. The VP of Mortgage Lending, Mike McNamara, wants a customer appreciation event because of COVID-19; the event must be virtual, family-friendly, and have interaction. 

The goal is to use a virtual streaming platform to host a family event that Proper Rate customers can log into and enjoy a safe, family-friendly show in their homes, allowing the VP of Mortgage Lending to build robust client/customer relationships. 

Conclusion:  Mike selected entertainer Dale Obrochta to provide a 30-minute virtual live show presented on Zoom. After the show, an additional 30 minutes of instructional training on making five balloon figures were available to the attendees. 

Dale furnished customized balloon kits and mailed the kits to registered attendees before the show date. 

The outcome was an online party with families laughing as one, hosted by Mike, the VP of Mortgage Lending. The Zoom video platform permitted families to interact with each other. The exchange during the show helped Mike build a stronger customer/client relationship. 

Mike was thrilled with the program and was excited to learn that Dale gave additional customized videos. These videos illustrated how to make the balloon figures in the live presentation taught by Dale. Mike used these videos to help him strengthen his relationship with the client and further extend the dialog weeks after the event.