Case Study:  Optimus – Holiday Party

Scenario: Optimus, a leading post-production film editing company in Chicago, is hosting its annual employee family holiday party. With 50 employees and their children in attendance, the Human Resources department organizes an event catering to the kids and the staff.

Goal:  The objective is to find engaging holiday entertainment that will captivate the children during the Optimus holiday party.

Conclusion: After careful consideration, the HR staff at Optimus selected Dale Obrochta to entertain at the kids’ holiday party. Dale’s lively and energetic personality proved to be a perfect match for the creative production staff, who thrived on his imaginative visual art. HR appreciated Dale’s promptness in handling administrative paperwork, allowing them to complete their tasks in record time efficiently. The choice of entertainment successfully contributed to a festive and enjoyable holiday celebration for both employees and their families at Optimus.