Case Study: Elevating the Family Atmosphere at The Fishing, Travel & Outdoor Expo

Event Overview:

The Fishing, Travel & Outdoor Expo, held annually, had outgrown its previous location at Bremen High School. In 2024, the event moved to the Tinley Park Community Center for the second year. The three-day expo showcases fishing, gaming, and travel destination facilities, attracting enthusiasts from across the region.


Enhancing the Family Atmosphere with a Kids Corner: Show management decided to introduce a Kids Corner to enrich the family-friendly atmosphere. Executive Producer Clyde Sana, initially considering cost as a primary factor, reached out to DEO Consulting, Inc., a local entertainment company, for assistance in creating an engaging and memorable experience for the younger attendees.

Consultation with DEO Consulting, Inc.:

Clyde approached DEO Consulting, Inc. with the idea of hiring a basic entertainer to stay within budget. However, Dale Obrochta, a professional entertainer and trade show presenter from DEO Consulting, Inc., suggested that opting for veteran entertainers would not only ensure a high-quality experience but also enhance the overall atmosphere. Dale recommended Lorrisa J, a highly skilled face painter who can create images fitting the expo’s outdoor and fishing theme.

Understanding the Importance of Entertainment Standards:

Dale emphasized the varying skill levels in the entertainment industry and highlighted the potential risk of poorly drawn artwork negatively impacting the expo’s image. Clyde, recognizing the importance of maintaining standards for exhibitors and entertainment, agreed to prioritize the quality of the entertainment provided.

Selection of Entertainment Professionals:

After careful consideration, Clyde chose Lorrisa Julianus as the face painter, ensuring visually appealing and theme-appropriate artwork. For balloon entertainment, Clyde selected Dale Obrochta, a seasoned professional with extensive experience working trade show floors and a proven track record as a multiple balloon entertainer.

Entertainment Requirements and Duration:

Show management decided on three hours of entertainment each day for the three-day expo. The chosen format included one face painter and balloon entertainer, contributing to a well-rounded and engaging Kids Corner experience.

Results and Impact:

By selecting experienced and skilled entertainers like Lorrisa J and Dale Obrochta, The Fishing, Travel & Outdoor Expo successfully elevated the family-friendly atmosphere, providing attendees with a memorable and enjoyable experience. The Kids Corner became a highlight of the event, contributing to increased attendee satisfaction and positive feedback.


The strategic decision to prioritize entertainment quality over cost proved to be a wise investment, enhancing the overall success and reputation of The Fishing, Travel & Outdoor Expo. Showcasing the importance of professionalism in entertainment, the event set a new standard for future expos, ensuring a delightful experience for attendees of all ages.