Case Study: Monmouth College – Family Weekend

Scenario: Monmouth College embarked on sourcing family-friendly entertainment for its highly anticipated Family Weekend Campus Party. With families and alums expected to roam the campus and partake in the festivities, the objective was to secure entertainment that would appeal to college students and attending families and alums.

Goal: The primary goal was to find entertainment that seamlessly blended humor and visual appeal, catering to the diverse audience of college students, families, and alums participating in the Family Weekend event.


After carefully considering 20 candidate options, the Monmouth search committees unanimously selected Dale Obrochta as the ideal entertainer for the occasion. Dale’s unique combination of comedic wit and visual balloon artistry proved to be captivating for all attendees.
“The energy Dale brought to the event enhanced the overall atmosphere and perfectly complemented our Family Weekend event. We look forward to having him on campus again!” – Monmouth College Student Planning Committee.

Achieved Results:

  1. Captivating Entertainment: Dale’s comedic wit and visual balloon artistry engaged and captivated the diverse audience of college students, families, and alums.
  2. Positive Atmosphere: The energy brought by Dale enhanced the overall atmosphere of the Family Weekend event, contributing to a positive and enjoyable experience.
  3. Committee Satisfaction: The Monmouth search committees expressed satisfaction with the choice of Dale Obrochta as the selected entertainer.
  4. Anticipation for Future Collaboration: The positive outcome has created anticipation for having Dale back on campus for future events, showcasing the potential for continued collaboration.

In summary, the case study illustrates the successful selection of entertainment that not only met but exceeded the expectations of Monmouth College’s Family Weekend event, resulting in a positive and memorable experience for all attendees.