Case Study: Human Rights Campaign

Scenario: The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) of Chicago organized an annual women’s event called “Her,” focusing on delivering a fun and interactive experience for HRC supporters. This year’s theme embraced a modern twist on the 1800s Vaudeville variety acts.

Goal: The objective was to secure entertainment incorporating whimsical fun, creativity, and a unique twist to align with the event’s theme..

Conclusion: The HRC committee successfully achieved its goal by incorporating Dale Obrochta’s creative hat station into its ensemble of events. The evening unfolded as a vibrant fashion show, showcasing an array of colors and elegance. The HRC committee expressed satisfaction with the interactive and creative element brought by Dale’s contribution.

Achieved Results:

  1. Whimsical Fun: Dale Obrochta’s creative hat station added a whimsical and interactive element, enhancing the overall enjoyment of the event.
  2. Positive Guest Experience: The evening, transformed into a fashion show of colors and elegance, provided HRC supporters with a memorable and engaging experience.
  3. Committee Satisfaction: The HRC committee was pleased with the outcome, indicating that Dale’s contribution aligned seamlessly with their vision for the event.
  4. Future Collaboration: The success of the collaboration led to ongoing discussions, with the HRC committee expressing interest in acquiring Dale’s services for future events.

In summary, the results reflect a successful integration of whimsical entertainment, positive guest experiences, committee satisfaction, and the potential for continued collaboration in future Human Rights Campaign events.