Case Study:  Gibson Steakhouse – Fundraiser

Scenario: Gibson Steakhouse of Chicago’s, Chicago #1 Steakhouse is hosting a St Patrick’s Day Misericordia fundraiser.  The focus is on raising proceeds for the Misericordia Foundation and donating 100% of the profits.

Goal:  Obtain entertainment that is family-friendly and would work with a large group.

Conclusion:  Gibson Steakhouse hired Dale Obrochta to represent and entertain guests attending the St. Patrick’s Day Misericordia event. The committee members were thrilled with Dale’s performance. Gibson’s reputation for providing the best in food and service remained unblemished.

The results from this case study include the successful execution of Gibson Steakhouse’s St. Patrick’s Day Misericordia fundraiser:

  1. Fundraising Success: The event achieved its goal of raising proceeds for the Misericordia Foundation, contributing to a meaningful cause.
  2. 100% Profit Donation: Gibson Steakhouse fulfilled its commitment by donating 100% of the profits to support the Misericordia Foundation, showcasing corporate responsibility.
  3. Positive Guest Experience: Dale Obrochta’s performance as the chosen entertainer received high praise from committee members, ensuring a family-friendly and enjoyable atmosphere for attendees.
  4. Unblemished Reputation: Despite venturing into hosting a charitable event with entertainment, Gibson Steakhouse maintained its renowned reputation for providing the best in food and service.