Case Study: BankFinancial – Customer Appreciation Event

Scenario: BankFinancial, a full-service, community-oriented national bank headquartered in Burr Ridge, Illinois, aimed to express gratitude to its customers by hosting a Customer Appreciation Event. The focus of the Chicago Ridge branch was to create a memorable experience for customers, featuring entertainment, kids’ games, and attractions.

Goal: The primary goals were to secure engaging kids’ games, select interactive entertainment, and involve the community in the event, fostering a sense of connection and appreciation.

In previous years, BankFinancial staff had taken an active role by building Bozzo buckets, purchasing Tic-Tac Toe squares, and developing reusable games from past years. However, the committee decided to enhance the entertainment aspect of the current event by hiring the balloon entertainer, Magical Balloon-dude Dale. Dale’s selection was based on a glowing recommendation from an employee who had witnessed his captivating performances for families at a local restaurant. Dale was hired to entertain BankFinancial customers and guests, bringing a new and exciting element to the event.
Additionally, the committee identified and chose a local horse farm that offered a small petting zoo and pony rides, adding a charming and delightful experience for attendees.

To further engage the community, the Chicago Ridge Fire Department participated by providing a fire engine and a medical transport vehicle. The emergency transport vehicles allowed families to closely inspect the emergency vehicles and interact with the first responders, fostering a positive relationship between the community and the local fire department.

Key Elements:

  1. Employee Recommendation: Dale Obrochta, Magical Balloon-dude, was selected based on a glowing recommendation from an employee who had witnessed his captivating performances.
  2. Local Engagement: The committee engaged a local horse farm for a petting zoo and pony rides, enhancing the event’s appeal to families.
  3. Community Involvement: The Chicago Ridge Fire Department’s participation gave families a unique opportunity to interact closely with emergency vehicles and first responders.

In summary, BankFinancial’s Customer Appreciation Event successfully combined interactive entertainment, kids’ games, and local attractions to create a memorable and engaging experience for customers and the community. The addition of Magical Balloon-dude Dale and the involvement of local businesses and the fire department contributed to the event’s overall success.