Case Study: Aon Corporation –  Employee Appreciation Day

Scenario: Aon Corporation, a global leader in risk management, insurance, and reinsurance brokerage, decided to host a special employee appreciation party. The event’s purpose was to express gratitude to employees for their dedicated work, and the focus was on creating a humorous, work-free environment where employees could relax and mingle.

Goal: The primary goal was to secure an entertainment facility accommodating and feeding over 500 employees. Additionally, the objective was to provide interactive entertainment that seamlessly integrated with different themed rooms, enhancing the overall experience.


Aon Corporation selected the Odyssey Cruise Chicago at Navy Pier as the venue for its employee party. The committee strategically chose Dale Obrochta to interact with and entertain employees. Dale’s unique ability to create stunning visual art allowed him to perform seamlessly throughout the Odyssey’s various themed decks. The result was an afternoon filled with a fashion of colors, elegance, art, and twisted humor.

“The Aon committee was pleased with Dale and acquired his services for another five years.”

Achieved Results:

  1. Seamless Integration: Dale’s interactive entertainment seamlessly integrates with the Odyssey Cruise’s different themed decks, creating a cohesive and engaging experience.
  2. Visual Art and Comedy Fusion: Dale’s performance combined stunning visual artistry with humor, providing employees with a unique and entertaining atmosphere.
  3. Committee Satisfaction: The Aon committee expressed satisfaction with Dale’s performance, leading to the acquisition of his services for an additional five years.
  4. Extended Collaboration: The event’s success established a long-term collaboration between Aon Corporation and Dale Obrochta, demonstrating the enduring value of his entertainment services.

In summary, the case study illustrates the successful execution of Aon Corporation’s Employee Appreciation Day, showcasing how the right entertainment choice can create a memorable and enjoyable experience for employees, fostering long-term collaboration.